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The wood-working machinery producer KOCH will exhibit at the show IWF in Atlanta from August 22nd until August 25th, 2018

Thinking ahead for you

Koch at IWF Atlanta

  • UNIDRILL base.line - Drilling machine for 6-sided processing

    KOCH enjoys a worldwide reputation as a specialist for drilling and dowel insertion machines.

    With the completely revised UNIDRILL, a drilling machine for 6-sided processing of straight and rectangular workpieces, the manufacturer of machines and systems for woodworking industry and handicraft presents a machine, which is particularly of interest to manufacturers of drawers, frame components, profiled rails or furniture components.

    The workpieces are separated in a hopper feed and then led to the working stations. They are processed in clamped position and transported out of the machine and onto a workpiece return feed conveyor for one-man-operation or onto an outfeed for the integration into a production line.

    The machine is equipped for horizontal drillings into workpiece ends (both-sided) and into workpiece edges, as well as for vertical surface drillings from above and below. Thus, drilling operations from six sides are possible.

  • SPRINT pro.line

    With the SPRINT pro.line , Koch offers a multi-purpose high performance drilling and dowel insertion machine, that has been optimized for Just-In-Time manufacturing.

    The machine is provided with 3 NC-axes in X, Y and Z and a working field of 1,600 mm is equipped with 4 working, so that an alternating operation is possible for workpieces up to 800 mm length. The SPRINT pro.line is equipped with 2 horizontal drilling units and a vertical drilling station with 3 individually controlled drilling spindles for drilling into the workpiece surface. The range of performance is completed by a dowel tool (dowel dimensions: ø 6 and 8 mm, length 30 - 60 mm) as well as the Koch patented ELC glue control, which monitors that glue is injected into all dowel holes.

    In addition the SPRINT pro.line  is equipped with a hardwood table support and side and center stops which can be lowered in 2 steps, so that workpieces which are already dowelled, can be inserted and aligned at the stops.

    The machine standard equipment also includes movable clamping cylinders. These special clamping cylinders for narrow parts enable longitudinal processing of long and narrow parts.

  • Frame processing

    The efficient production of cabinet and furniture components requires a lot of know-how and machines which are specially adapted to the application. High flexibility and precision are necessary for all stages to achieve the desired added value.

    KOCH offers various concepts for the production of doors and their components. The range of solutions includes manual fed single-sided machines for low volume or Just-In-Time production in work cells to fully automated through-feed machines for larger batch production.

    The machines can be customized according to the customer's requirements and depending on the machine type, can be used for the production of shaker doors with dowel joint, miter doors with dowel joint or mortise and tenon construction and for the production of French Cut doors with dowel joints or mortise and tenon construction. The flexible machine portfolio allows small batch production or large-volume production, processing different profiles and materials.

    At IWF KOCH exhibits a machine for the production of frames: The ENDMASTER-K base.line, the single sided edge-banding and dowel insertion machine alongside the ENDMASTER-P base.line our single-sided hot-foiling machine. In addition to that we are displaying the SPRINT-Multi select.line equiped for sawing, drilling and dowel insertion.

  • PAUL C14 II


    Paul’s high-speed optimizing crosscut saw, Model C14, is designed to optimize and cross-cut lumber up to 12” wide.  Utilizing either crayon marking or automatic defect detection using cameras, the Paul, C14’s optimization package, can greatly increase the yield and value of your material. Automatic feeding, sorting and stacking of your finished material is available.

  • DYNMA VK-011 Transport

    Electro-mechanic automatic press with automated loading and unloading designed for furniture or cabinet assembly lines. Starting with the basic VK-011 model, this new model includes an automated rear transfer that will enable you to load and unload the furniture inside the press. This model has a new improved worksurface with an air cushion that permits easy placement.

Blowing device for drill holes

Quality enhacement due to clean drill holes

Precise and clean working processes for sensitive surfaces

This is guaranteed by KOCH's blowing device for drill holes

Technical details

  • Blowing and extraction from one source
  • Our blowing device is combined with the reliability of the KOCH drilling heads
  • Right-hand rotating drilling spindle, therefore the drilling head has a larger structure
  • Drills with size 6 and 8
    Tip: the 8 mm drills achieve even cleaner results
  • The drill bit mounting is ø 10 mm cylindrical
  • Min. center distance between the spindles: 16 mm
  • Min. distance between the outer corner of the drilling head and the spindle: 15,5 mm

Your advantages: 

  • Considerable minimization of drill chips
  • The workpieces can be stacked properly
  • Unblemished workpiece surfaces
  • No residual chips when assembling the furniture - Your customers will appreciate this


It goes without saying, that the blowing device can be retrofitted at a later date:

Your modification package includes:  

  • Drilling heads as described above
  • All drilling heads with extractor hoods, which are integrated and aligned for horizontal drilling units
  • One pressure tank at each side
  • Adaptation of wiring diagram and software

Koch LP Machinery + Systems has been importing, distributing and servicing high-value woodworking machinery throughout North America for more than 30 years. The North American subsidiary was established under the leadership of Hans Juergen Meier, who continues to serve as the Executive Vice President today.  Koch LP Machinery + Systems supports the North American market with a knowledgeable sales team, factory trained technicians, and a comprehensive spare parts inventory.

With more than 50 years of experience and a production site located in the center of East Westphalia’s furniture industry, Koch is a renowned leader in the design and production of high-tech machinery for furniture, door and window manufacturing, as well as other wood products.  Koch is also an authority in the field of joining technology and a specialist in sawing, shaping, drilling, gluing and dowel insertion.

  • Koch LP Machinery + Systems

    This is the subsidiary for North America and Canada: Koch LP Machinery + Systems in Atlanta, GA, USA. Koch LP is importing high-value woodworking machinery and is distributing it including the full service throughout North America.

  • Gerhard Koch Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

    With more than 50 years of experience and a production site located in the centre of the East Westphalian furniture industry, KOCH developed into a leading manufacturer of high-tech machinery for furniture, door and wooden window industry as well as other wood products.

    KOCH has gained authority especially in the field of joining technology. KOCH is the specialist in sawing, shaping, drilling, glueing and dowel insertion.

  • Koch Technology GmbH & Co. KG

    Since mid 2010 KOCH Technology is responsible for all sales activities in the range of woodworking technologies, which are manufactured by the Gerhard Koch Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG within the KOCH Group.

    KOCH Technology is a system supplier; from small individual solutions to complex production lines, it is all available to you from a single source - naturally in the familiar KOCH-quality.

  • Lehbrink Spezialmaschinen GmbH

    The company LEHRBINK was taken over in 2005 and is now continued on the KOCH premises. LEHBRINK is specialised on machinery for the door frame and door industry as well as the manufacturing of furniture parts.

  • SG GmbH Lippe - Koch Resale

    The SG GmbH Lippe was founded in 2002, is located in Leopoldshoehe and is specialised in the trading of used machines (KOCH Resale) and the provision of services.

Vario - Face Frame Machine

CNC-Pocket Routing Machine for Face Frame Components

  • Length independant system for just-in-time manufacturing
  • Sawing station
  • Drilling and pocket routing station


For further information, please contact Hans Meier

Hans Meier
Phone: 678.444.5000
E-Mail: hmeier(at)



Solutions for frame processing - Shaker, Miter and French Cut

Koch offers various concepts for the production of doors and their components. The range of solutions include manually fed single-sided machines for low volume or just-in-time production in work cells to fully automated through-feed machines for larger batch sizes. 

Our flexible machine portfolio allows small batch production or large volume production, while processing different profiles and materials.

Hans J. Meier

Sales United States/Canada/Mexico

Phone: 678.444.5000
Cell: 678.557.4901
E-Mail: hmeier(at)

Matt Venable

East Coast Sales Manager

Phone: 678.444.5000
Cell: 770.329.7580
E-Mail: mvenable(at)

Jeff Oliverson

West Coast Sales Manager

Cell: 801.916.1998
E-Mail: joliverson(at)