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Rotary Clamp

for the assembly of Miter doors or Shaker and French Cut doors.

Available with 4 - 12 assembly stations

Rotary clamp

The frame of the machine is made of tubes and plates in extra-thick steel to ensure a proper robustness. On the frame a mobile structure is mounted, that turns by means of a combined motor-gear controlled by  a vertical inverter.

  • Start-up of rotation by automatic mode or manual mode
  • up to 12 assembly stations (depending on the sizes of doors)
  • Central pressure for doors with big dimensions
  • Vertical clamping cylinders mounted on linear guidings - to clear pressing area for an easy unloading
  • Hand-held scanner for barcode reader (option)
Rotary clamp with 4 assembly stations
Assembly Station for Miter doors

Rotary clamp for Miter doors with 4 assembly stations

Through feed clamp

Automatic press for the assembly of five piece doors

Through-feed clamp

New electromechanical press for fully automatic assembly of doors and frameworks either at 45° and 90° for large batch sizes. With the adoption of new and advanced technology based on electronic control and using a wide range of high quality mechanical components, results an auto-adjustable press with high production rates and  a great variety of measures.


  • Optical safety barrier
  • Kit pneumatic lock
    Group of 4 pneumatic, retreactable cylinders, that are used to push frontally at the corners of the assembled door, to ensure the flatness of the door
  • ECO Version - equipped with a simplified control panel and operation speed


Finger system

Electromechanical press with manual loading. Its crossed surfaces of pressing, allow you a quick assembly of furniture without prior adjustment.

The grinding spindle and linear guideways allow a high pressing strength and stability.

The platform and the column are made of intercrossed steel pieces and covered with slide Polyethylene.



  • Safety optical barrier
  • Loading/unloading transfer to the rear part of the machine (for machines that are integrated in production lines)
  • Eco Version - equipped with a simplified control panel 


Automatic electromechanical press

Automatic Electromechanical Press

The automatic electromechanical press VK.015 is a result of DYNMA experience in the furniture assembly industry.

With the Adoption of new and advanced Technology based in electronic vertical control and usinga wide range of high quality mechanic components, result an Auto adjustable press with high production rates.

Basic Equipment included

  • Programming touchscreen
  • Conveyor belt with adjustable speed
  • Pre-Assembling are included
  • Front and rear photoelectric safety barrier

Extra Options

  • Intermediate lateral press group
  • Automatic height positioning for a lower and intermediate lateral press group
  • High lateral press Group with automatic descend system
  • Indpendent and prepared pre-assembling station, synchronized with press


Electro-pneumatic press with manual loading

Airkomp - Electro-pneumatic press with Manual loading.

Its crossed surfaces of pressing allow you a quick assembly of furniture without Prior adjustment. Fast working way, with limited stroke and pressure can also press 45° jointing System cabinets.


Platform and column are constructed with intercrossed steel pipes and covered with anti-friction strips for best sliding in pressing operation. High clamping forces controlled by developed strength controled by pneumatical limiters.


Easy use control panel with joysticks for a quick press adjustment. Pneumatic controls will enable you easily to select the pressing strength.