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ENDMASTER pro.line

Edge-banding machine for through-feed processing

Product category

Small and narrow parts

Cabinet and panel


High volume production





Edge banding

Machine description

The ENDMASTER-K pro.line has been specially developed for processing workpiece ends of narrow parts, such as rails, stiles, plinths etc.

MDF or particle board components with critical dimensions can be processed in an efficient, trouble free manner. The machines are double-sided and the modular structure enables the edge-banding or hot-foiling units to be combined with the classical KOCH features: hopper feed, return feed conveyor, edge trimming, drilling, shaping, dowel insertion and additional options are available.

The edge-banding machines can apply standard edging material measunring 0,15 - 3 mm thick. Special CNC-trimming units follow the contours of the components precisely, removing any excess banding material to ensure an accurate finish.

Machine equipment

  • Hopper feed with stock separation
  • Koch Numeric - Positioning control
  • Edge-banding station
  • Shaping station for edge finishing
  • NC-positioning in X, Y and Z
  • Workpiece return feed, blemish-free handling


  • Central lubrication system
  • Semi-automatic filling unit for glue granulate
  • Long edge drilling station
  • Werkpiece return feed conveyor
  • Inclined hopper


  • Production of a wide variety of workpieces - whether profiled, shaped or special parts
  • Complete processing through enhanced equipment for shaping, drilling, glueing and dowel insertion
  • Apllication of a wide variety of edge materials, from paper, ABS and PVC through to melaminic and wooden edges with minimum thickness of 0,15 mm
  • All standard glues