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SPRINT pro.line

Drilling and dowel insertion machine - additional equipment

Product category

Small and narrow parts

Cabinet and panel

Cabinet furniture frame parts


Just-in-time manufacture



Glueing and dowel insertion

Machine description

This model in our pro.line product line combines high-end performance with versatility and flexibility. The special added features make this machine predestined for a wide array of tasks in the production process. The enhanced equipment allows you to optimize dedicated processes, opening up new opportunities for production.

Machine equipment

The basic equipment is identical to the base.line version and includes the following additional features:

  • Frame width 1.600 mm
  • Horizontal drilling station with two individually controlled drilling spindles
  • Vetical drilling station from above with three individually controlled drilling spindles
  • ELC- Electronic glue control
  • Clamping system for solid wood parts
  • Stock clamping system for small parts
  • NC-positioning for X, Y and Z
  • Safety curtain with lamellas to protect against reaching into danger zone
  • Low voltage supply UPS


  • Max. frame width 2.500 mm
  • Automatic detection of stock width
  • Bar code reader
  • Transformer 600 V / 60 Hz


  • Optimized for just-in-time manufacturing
  • Flexible for all drill/dowel patterns
  • No downtime and minimal set-up time for program reconfiguration
  • Suitable for components with varying dimensions
  • Clean, maintenance-free glueing system


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