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SPRINT select.line

Machine with indiv. equipment

Product category

Small and narrow parts

Cabinet and panel

Cabinet furniture frame parts


Just-in-time manufacture



Glueing and dowel insertion




Fitting insertion

Machine description

In our select.line model, various functional units can be configured in a variety of ways, providing the greatest number of possibilities to match SPRINT equipment to your individual needs. Whether used for inserting fittings, horizontal or vertical routing, grooving or processing at 45° or 90°, this customized processing center can be perfectly fine-tuned to suit any and every production process.

Machine equipment

  • Optional frame widths 700 / 1.300 / 1.800 / 2.500 / 3.000 mm
  • Horizontale drilling with variable number of individually controlled spindles
  • Vertical drilling with variable number of individually controlled spindles
  • Horizontale routing
  • Profile trimming
  • Dowel insertion for varying lengths and diameters
  • Fitting insertion
  • Trimming, drilling and dowel insertion under 45° (miter joint processing)
  • Tiltable drilling and dowel insertion unit (0° and 45°)
  • Horizontale grooving
  • Vertical grooving
  • Sawing and trimming


  • Optimized for just-in-time manufacturing
  • Flexible for all drill/dowel patterns
  • No downtime and minimal set-up times for programm reconfiguration
  • Suitable for components with varyiing dimensions
  • Clean, maintenance-free glueing system
  • Equipped to you individual needs


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