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LP base.line

Glue gun for female dowel holes

Glue types of any viscosity with the corresponding glue pumps from 1:1 up to 30:1 can be used for the glue gun type LP base.line. Moreover, the system is not dependent on certain sizes of glue containers meaning that every common glue container can be utilized.

The glue system is extremely clean: Any glue film occurring at the opening of the glue jet is eliminated immediately by high pressure. One special advantage of the pump is that with each cycle it takes in a greater volume of glue than other pumps. During the cycle, the pressure is reduced and less glue is injected into the holes (better control for clean glue injection).


  • Minimum maintenance effort since the glue gun does not require any maintenance (cleaning, rinsing with water)

  • The glue is running in a circulation system which is independent from the compressed air and the sealings are wear-resistant

  • Glue amount exactly adjustable by means of digital time relay

  • Continuous glue injection for intermediate glue line

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • High-pressure glue pump 18:1

  • Different handle types for ergonomic working


  • High pressure glue pump 30:1

  • Connection with additional glue guns possible

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