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Pizzi EasyAPP

Pneumatic gluing system with metered glue dosing for accurate application of PVA


  • Ready to use, timesaving, easy, clean

  • Always the same and constant right glue amount; 

  • Metered, one-shot regulation of glue amount 

  • Exact and instant glue-application cut-off

  • Less waste and more precision than working manually with squeezy glue bottles 

  • Faster and more precise working compared to squeezy glue bottles

  • Ergonomic and light glue gun compared to squeezy glue bottles

  • No afterwards cleaning of the workpieces of too much glue

  • Glue cost savings

  • Interchangeable nozzles, standard and custom ones!

  • Easiest and minimal cleaning required, pressurized system

  • The tank stays pressurized and ready for use for months

  • Moveable glue applicator. 

Gluing system with metered glue dosing, with 1 gun with anatomic grip and universal pointed nozzle. 

For professional, precise, fast and clean glue application (PVAc), as well as in any other glue application where a controlled, constant and accurate dosing is needed, both for small batches, custom-made parts and mass processing operations, aiming to optimize the working process in any gluing station. For solid wood, timber products and panel processing. For the furniture and housing industry and the joinery.
The pneumatic control guarantees always the same and right glue amount, constantly. 

This range of metered gluing systems presents 2 helpful standard adjustments: 

1)    Glue flow/ amount adjustment;
2)    Glue dispensing time, therefore, open time of the glue gun.


  • Stainless steel pressurized tank, 12 kg capacity /1.5 gallons; 

  • Hose set, 3 m

  • Glue dispensing gun with anatomic grip, with universal pointed nozzle, light, ergonomic and comfortable

  • Glue gun housing (to be kept filled with water); 

  • Tap adapter for cleaning nozzles after use – included

  • Service cart

  • Operating pressure, max. 5 bar/75 psi. 


  • 2 independent glue guns for 2-man operation (model 0265)

  • System with dual function control (2F65 coded), continuous glue flow, metered glue dosing

  • Additional charge for 20 kg/ 5.3 US gallons capacity, pressurized stainless steel tank. 

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