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Reinhardt basic line universal cross-cut saw

The Universal Cross-Cut Saw

Solution for all needs. Solid construction having proved very successful in use for decades. The BasicLine is available with an extensive range of accessories to suit individual requirements.

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reinhardt slimline cross-cut saw

The all-rounder among cross-cut saws with positioning pusher

Automatic cutting of battens, boards and square timber for customized and series production. To make optimum use of the cutting range of the saw, it is also possible to cut several pieces at once in packs.

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reinhardt quickStop cross-cut saw

Speed and power

The innovative, characteristic attribute is the unique REINHARDT clamping feed system, which holds each piece continously during the complete working process. The unique system allows maximum figures for acceleration, stopping and speed, even when the material is wet or frozen.

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SlimLine Formatic

reinhardt slimLineFormatic cross-cut and rip saw

Combined Cross-Cutting & Ripping

Automated production of packaging material: The SlimLine Formatic combines cross-cutting and ripping in a single, fully automatic pass.

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reinhardt formatic cross-cut and rip saw

Automated longitudinal and cross-formatting of decks

The specially developed solution for the packaging industry: The cutting machine Formatic has been developed for the automated production of "decks" and facilitate the production of floor-, wall- and ceiling-parts eg for export packaging.

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Paletti Office

paul paletti software

In the age of industry 4.0, state-of-the-art production is more than just a machine. The production process already starts in the office with the optimal planning and networking of merchandise management systems and machines. With Paletti Office we offer software tailored to your production which supports you in your material and production planning and optimizes your yield based on your inventories.

Fully Automatic Stacker (FAST)

reinhardt fully automatic stacker

Economical stacking machine that stacks individual workpieces and workpiece packs of different lengths on pallets. The system has been specially optimized for use on cross-cut systems with push-feed system, automatically adjusts to the length of the finished workpieces and also places sticks. With the Fully Automatic Stacker you increase the performance of your cross-cut system and at the same time relieve the personnel.

Stack&Move (SAM)

reinhardt stack and move cross-cut transport system

With this clever and flexible solution, the ejector of the cross-cut system transports the finished workpieces directly onto the pallet of an electric stacker. With this system, the operator only has to insert the sticks after each layer, and the stacker automatically moves to the next position. Stacking with muscle power is no longer necessary. With the optional SAM rack, stacking works fully automatically without the use of sticks. With the electric stacker, you transport the filled pallet (or rack) to the next step in your production process. The docking station on the belt conveyor is equipped with a folding table. In the unfolded position, the workpieces are pushed onto a collection table and the free electric stacker can take over other activities in the factory.

move&stop (MAS)

reinhardt move and stop for cross-cut saws

The perfect complement for your cross-cut saw, drilling machine or wherever workpieces need to be brought to a defined position. The electrically movable stop system move&stop offers the optimal entry into the world of automation technology. Via a large touch display, which can also be operated with gloves, the desired stop position can be conveniently entered and also stored if required. The mechanical stop then moves fully automatically to the desired position, which relieves the worker and saves a considerable amount of time. The system can be used either as mechanical stop or as pusher and can be combined not only with Reinhardt/Paul machines, but also with machines from other manufacturers.

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