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Turn-key Solutions

Automated complete solutions are implemented through interlinking of automated handling equipment, cross-cut systems and ripsaws. Components from other manufacturers are integrated, where necessary. Higher feed rates, interlinked processing steps, accurate workpiece guidance and automatic work flows lead to a significant improvement in productivity. Operator workload is reduced and the standard of security increased.


To enhance competitiveness, special solutions are often called for. We not only supply stand-alone machines, but also engineer complete custom-tailored high-performance systems with maximum uptime. The degree of automation is suited to the application concerned, ranging from partial automation through to fully automated high-end solutions. We develop, design and manufacture the majority of the system components in-house or work together with well-known suppliers, thus offering complete solutions from a single source.

optimizing ripsaw system

Automatic Ripsaw Infeed Solid Wood

Our AB series of optimized ripsaw/edger infeed allows you to automatically measure, position and feed material into one of our ripsaws or edgers. By precisely measuring and optimizing the cutting result and blade position based on your cutting list we can greatly increase your lumber yield and reduce labor costs.

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optimizing rip and crosscutting system with vision scanner

Automated Processing Line for Solid Wood with Scanner

  1.  Manual feed

  2. Operator terminal

  3. Rip saw model Q

  4. Automatic offcut separator

  5. Cross buffer

  6. Singulator station

  7. Paul Wood Scanning System

  8. Cross transfer conveyor

  9. Infeed station

  10. Optimizing cross-cut saw C11

  11. Automatic sorting system

rip and crosscut system for wood veneer

Automatic Processing Line for Solid Wood Top Layers

  1. Manual feed

  2. Planer

  3. Turning station

  4. Planer

  5. Rip saw K34GV/800

  6. Offcut separator

  7. Marking station

  8. Measuring station

  9. Cross-cut system C14

  10. Disposal of residual timber

  11. Sorting station

optimizing ripsaw system

Automated Processing Line for Solid Wood with Scanner

  1. Cross-transfer conveyor

  2. Buffer chain conveyor

  3. POWER_RIP with AB-MA_EXT and KME3

  4. Offcut separator

  5. Offcut disposal

  6. Sorting system with chain conveyor

  7. Operator's control center

rip and crosscut line for MDF panels

Automated Panel Sizing Line

Paul can offer infeed and outfeed handling equipment to minimize your labor when feeding one of their wide arbor panel ripsaws. Automatic feeding from a stack and then automatically stacking the finished pieces allows most of the labor involvement to be accomplished by your fork lift driver that is delivering material to be processed to the line and then removing the finished pieces from the line.

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