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ENDMASTER-K base.line

Edge-banding machine for single-sided processing

The edge bander ENDMASTER-K base.line is extremely versatile for high-precision processing of profiled, shaped and other special workpieces.

The possibility to process two workpieces simultaneously leads to extreme efficiency. The edge-banding machine can accommodate a wide variety of edge materials and standard adhesives.

The machine is ideal for just-in-time manufacturing of:

  • Frame parts

  • Furniture fronts

  • Single-drawer components


  • An optional drilling station offers complete processing of the workpiece

  • Processing of different workpieces – whether profiled, shaped or special parts

  • An optional formatting station leads to maximum quality of the edge-banding

  • Easy programming directly on the machine or online

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • 2 working fields

  • Edge-banding unit for EVA and PUR glue

  • Routing unit


  • 6 working fields for a maximum capacity of 6 workpieces/min.

  • Second. routing aggregatet

  • Storage for 5 different tape coils (manual change)

  • Horizontal drilling unit for drilling into the longitudinal side

  • Formatting station

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