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Pizzi EasyCOLL

Multifunction automatic system with electronic control for the application of glues and adhesives


  • Always ready to use

  • One-man operation

  • Easy handling, clean gluing

  • Always the same and right glue amount, working faster with more accuracy

  • Timesaving, glue cost savings, easy, super clean, economical and efficient

  • Easy dosing, the glue exactly there... where you want it, only at the desired spot

  • No afterwards cleaning of the workpieces to remove and clean any glue excess

  • Better gluing, better bond, better quality, strong adhesion for strong assembling

  • It can be easily integrated into a production process for a better workflow

  • Less waste and more precision!

  • Well-organized and cost-effective production is more imperative than ever today!

Multifunction automatic system with electronic control for the application of glues and adhesive

Extremely fast and high-precision glue application system that allows intermittent application in speed ranges that can no longer be served and managed by conventional mechanical systems. Professional system, very fast with every operation, easy to use. ON-OFF (cut-off) of the glue flow and the glue dosage, precise and instantaneous, always exact and constant. Glue gun with 4 different useful settings, with a compact design. Always the same amount of glue and accurate application.

Both for small series and for mass production.
For solid timber, wooden components and panel processing.
For the furniture industry, wood construction and joinery.
easyCOLL can optionally be supplied with 2 independent glue guns that can be used by 2 operators at the same time as a
2-man operation. Closed, sealed pressurised system. Fast and easy cleaning system. Tank -1- for glue (8 l) and tank -2- for water for cleaning and flushing (8 l).


  • Machine Dimensions                              500 x 650 x 1.050 mm

  • Machine Dimensions w/ Crate -              700 x 700 x 1.350 mm

  • Machine Net Weight -                                            76kg 

  • Total Weight (packaging included) -                      147kg 

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