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An auto-adjustable, electro-mechanical press

The VK-015, is a modern through feed electro-mechanical press designed to automate the assembly line of case goods and kitchen manufacturing. It allows for the fastest most precise way of assembly utilizing the least amount of labor needed.  With the ability to add many in line features to customize the line to your exact needs.

Combining the highest standard mechanical components with precise electronic controls, the VK-015 is the highest quality and best performance cabinet and case clamps available in today’s market. From automatic measuring to bar code set up and programmability, it makes for an incredibly safe platform and is ideal for integrating into a production line with endless possibilities.

Operation is managed via a simple to use but powerful touchscreen control terminal, which allows for every aspect of production to be controlled. From cabinet type, pressing strength, time in press, they are all adjustable to give flexabilty and convienience to the operator.

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