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SPRINT-FC select.line

Shaping machine for French Cut fronts for batch size 1 production

The single-sided shaping machine type SPRINT-FC select.line is ideal for processing stock edges (stiles) and stock ends (rails) of furniture fronts. The possibility to process two workpieces simultaneously leads to high efficiency.

The working center impresses with the clever combination of shaping, drilling and doweling units which leads to a variety of powerful and accurate processing possibilities such as the shaping of groovings and tenons.


  • Extreme efficiency due to the possibility to process 4 workpieces simultaneously

  • Best possible optimization due to individual configuration

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Max. stock length: 2,500 mm / 98.42”

  • Premium Remote Support

  • 2 working fields for processing of stock edges (stiles),
    2500 mm wide

  • 2 working fields for processing of stock ends (rails), 500
    mm wide.

  • Stock clamping cylinders

  • Stock supporting table

  • 3 stop fences 

  • Low voltage supply USV

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