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FRONT pro.line

Drilling and grooving machine for the processing of drawer front parts

The compact and modular design of the machine FRONT pro.line, allows flexible processing of drawer front parts.

The drawer parts are separated in the hopper feed and then transported into the working stations. There, they are clamped safely and strongly so that they can be drilled accurately and grooved in through-feed operation if needed. The drawer production machine can process end-to-end, as well as interrupted grooves. The FRONT machine processes parts with the good side up in order to avoid damages on the workpieces.

The high-performance drawer front processing machine enables a significant increase in efficiency for your production through precise machining also for
large volume manufacturing.


  • High flexibility due to drilling and grooving operations in one machine

  • Efficient working due to precise machining for also large volume production

  • Fast and easy machine handling

  • Space-saving solution due to compact and modular design

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Hopper feed with stock separation

  • Vertical drilling station from below

  • Vertical drilling station from above

  • Horizontal drilling station

  • Machine bed with linear guides

  • Lateral stock alignment


  • Grooving station for end-to-end and interrupted grooves

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