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VK-011 / ECO 

An electro-mechanical, adjustable / manual load press

The VK-011 is a manually loading, semi-automatic electro-mechanic press which allows the fast assembly of cabinets without having to make pre-adjustments to the clamp. 

Its strong clamping plates which can generate up to 2,000kg of pressure are electronically controlled using a precise control panel to give high quality results all over the press, meaning it is ideally suited for the manufacturing of medium and large volumes. The machine also includes an air table, allowing for the ability to easily slide parts in and out of the machine. Thanks to its space-saving design, it can be easily integrated into production systems.


The Autotmatic Transfer Station (ATS-2670) is a transport element that converts an isolated press into an integrated press in a working online. Avoiding the manual handling of cabinets in the process of pressing, providing ergonomics and at the same time creating a workflow. This option can be added at a later time or purchased with an order.

Automatic transfer Station ATS-2670 is an element that is located behind the press allowing the cabinets to be unloaded and inserted into transport lines. Equipped with PVC-coated driven rollers and polyurethane cross-belts. 410mm conveyor height

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