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An electronic drawer & door frame assembly clamp

The BOX MTS is an extremely versatile, high-performance electro-mechanical press with servomotor technology. It is ideal for the production of a wide variety of drawers and doors of differing dimensions at high work rates.

It is extremely effective with any type of joint (miter, doweled, dovetail etc.) and thanks to the special clamping modes, folding connections and drawer fronts with glass insets can be clamped without damage. The electronic system of movement and tightening by servomotors, together with the use of linear guides means a perfect joint connection as well as the squareness of the finished product.

Production is managed via a simple to use but powerful touchscreen control terminal with Ethernet connection and can be instantly programmed and pre-adjusted using a bar code reader. Programs can be written and saved as well as retrieved quickly for fast set up.

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