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A rotating, hydraulic press for household doors

The sophisticated PR Plus is a fully electronic rotary press with servo-driven turning movement for the precise and fast pressing of interior and exterior doors in high production levels.  

The press features four work stations. The inclined stopping point allows the doors to be placed in the press in a stable manner, the work surface behaves as a support base where the doors are held in place for assembly. Once assembled, the pressing stage is activated (manual or automatic) The pressing force is exerted by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with capacity to press even solid wood doors.

Production is managed via a simple to use but powerful touchscreen control panel. The PR Plus press is designed to extend the door drying time (by a factor of 4) while being continuously pressed and, since it operates in an automatic unloading cycle without operator intervention, it enables a continuous flow of work and is easily integrated into production lines.

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