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WINDOOR base.line

Drilling and dowel insertion machine for processing windows and doors for batch size 1 production

The single-sided drilling and dowel driving machine WINDOOR base.line is equipped for all drill processings into the stock ends and edges of window and door components, e.g. all mounting holes for wall fastenings or striking plates as well as dowelling of all window and door components.

High quality machining of workpieces is characteristic for the drilling machine: Thanks to its 3-NC-axis, accurate drill holes and precise positioning of dowels, even in profiled workpiece ends, can be achieved easily.


  • High flexibility due to the processing of different profiles

  • Fast drilling operations due to strong drilling systems

  • High processing accuracy thanks to guide bushing for drill bits

  • Clean drill holes and precise positioning of dowels

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

  • Easy machine handling thanks to simple workpiece programming

  • Online connection is prepared


  • Horizontal drilling station

  • Glue injecting and dowel insertion station

  • High-pressure glue pump for waterproof glues


  • Edge drilling unit

  • Additional glue gun for gluing into female dowel holes

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