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WINDOOR base.line

Drilling and dowel insertion machine for processing windows and doors with individual equipment for batch size 1 production

The single-sided drilling and dowel driving machine WINDOOR select.line is equipped for all drill processings into the stock ends and edges of window and door components, like:

  • Rails and stiles

  • Crossbar elements

  • Mounting holes

The machines of our WINDOOR select.line series provide a basis for a wide range of customer-specific production concepts. They can be adapted to your individual needs for the window and door production.


  • High flexibility due to the processing of different profiles

  • Fast drilling operations due to strong drilling systems

  • High processing accuracy thanks to guide bushing for drill bits

  • Clean drill holes and precise positioning of dowels

  • Low stop times because of close to zero set-up times

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Sawing station

  • Reinforced machine equipment to mount shaping units for profiling stock edges and ends with 2 counterrotating shaping spindles

  • Workpiece end and edge drilling unit

  • Horizontal drilling unit

  • Dowel insertion station (also for large dowel diameters)

  • High-pressure glue pump for both PVA or waterproof glues

  • Online connection is prepared

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