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S-250+BD+Z-208 select.line

Drawer machine line for the processing of single drawer parts

The machine line S-250+BD+Z-208 select.line is especially suited for the series production of single drawer parts. Depending on your demands, the machine concept can be adapted to meet your needs. The basic concept consists of the following machines:

  • Trim saw S-250 pro.line

  • Drilling and dowel insertion machine BD

  • Center cut saw Z-208 select.line (option)

In the trim saw, the raw material is cut to size. After that, the trimmed stock packages are transported into the following drilling and dowel insertion machine, where all drilling, doweling and notching operations can be made.
Optionally, a center cut saw can be established behind the drilling machine, where the drawer parts are divided and grooved crosswise. The high-performance drawer machine line enables a significant increase in efficiency for your production through precise machining also for large volume manufacturing.


  • Machine concept optimized for drawer production

  • Rapid drilling operation and high repeatability due to strong drilling systems

  • Drill speed up to 9.000 RPM

  • High capacity and fast processing due to optimized working processes

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Trim saw

  • Horizontal drilling station

  • Vertical drilling station

  • Edge drilling station

  • Notching unit


  • Center cut saw

  • Capacity up to 90 workpieces/min. with double-cycle function and center cut saw

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