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ENDMASTER-K select.line

Edge-banding machine for series production

The edge-banding machine ENDMASTER-K select.line enables double-sided processing with automated through-feed and ensures accurate machining of workpiece ends of narrow parts such as:

  • Rails, stiles and plinths

  • Curved parts

  • Furniture fronts etc.

The machine model is specially designed for the highest performance. Due to the high standard of individualization, the edge-banding machine can be perfectly tailor-made to your needs.

The high-performance edge-banding machine enables a significant increase in efficiency for your production through precise machining also for large volume production.


  • High capacity: up to 14 workpieces/min.

  • Highest efficiency due to the double arrangement of the working units and the parallel processing of 2 workpieces

  • Universal usability due to the use of standard adhesives and edging material

  • Guaranteed accurate finish thanks to special CNC trimming unit with sensing rollers

  • High flexibility due to modular machine design

  • Works as stand-alone solution or integrated in a production line

  • Processing of different workpieces – whether profiled, shaped or special parts

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

Equipment Options

  • Hopper feed with stock separation

  • Formatting station

  • Edge-banding unit for EVA and PUR glues

  • Semi-automatic filling unit for glue granulate

  • Routing station for edge band trimming with double-cycle function

  • NC positioning for X, Y and Z

  • Workpiece return feed, especially for delicate surfaces

  • Transfer to the following drilling machine

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