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SPRINT-LightPanel select.line

Drilling and fitting insertion machine for lightweight building panels for batch size 1 production

The single-sided drilling and fitting insertion machine SPRINT-LightPanel select.line allows automated processing of seamless lightweight panels. Even lightweight panels with very thin face material can be easily equipped with fixing connections.

Thanks to the HOTMELT gluing system a higher bonding strength compared to traditional panels can be achieved. Therefore, lightweight building panels can be mounted like traditional panels in the furniture production.

Equipment ​​

  • High flexibility due to batch size 1 production

  • Extremely high strength due to precisely metered adhesive quantity

  • Short processing time due to the HOTMELT gluing system

  • Gluing system with low maintenance work

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

  • Optional - 

    • Stock length max. 2,000 mm (78.74”)

    • Bar code reader

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