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ENDMASTER-P pro.line

Hot-stamping machine for through-feed processing

The hot-stamping machine ENDMASTER-P pro.line offers double-sided processing with automated through-feed and ensures accurate machining of workpiece ends of narrow parts, such as:

  • Rails, stiles and plinths

  • Curved parts

  • Furniture fronts etc.

The processing is focused on precise, efficient series production of components even with critical dimensions. Thanks to the modular design, optional features allow you to expand and optimize the hot-stamping system to perfectly suit your processing needs.


  • High capacity: up to 20 workpieces/min.

  • Universal usability due to the use of hot-stamping foil

  • Flexible processing of diverse workpieces due to height-adjustable hot-stamping rolls (option)

  • High flexibility due to modular machine design

  • Works as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a production line

  • Processing of different workpieces – whether profiled, shaped or special parts

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Hopper feed with stock separation

  • Chamfering station

  • Hot-stamping station


  • Workpiece return feed conveyor

  • Height adjustable hot-stamping roll

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