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SPRINT-W select.line / Caravan

WoodWelding® machine for inserting Würth COLDMELT®-dowels for batch size 1 production

The single-sided machine SPRINT-W select.line is specially designed for the drilling, routing, inserting and melting of WÜRTH COLDMELT®-dowels and therefore allows workpiece processing with the innovative WoodWelding® technology.

The WoodWelding® machine is ideal for the processing of special parts for batch size 1 production such as cabinet parts as well as curved furniture doors made with lightweight materials with a panel thickness from 12 mm up to 20 mm. The field of application of the machine is mainly the interior finishing for the Caravan/RV industry.


  • WoodWelding® is an innovative technology for processing lightweight panels and a cost-saving alternative for dowel connections with chipboard panels

  • High flexibility due to the machining of straight and curved parts

  • Milling-cutter holder with collet chuck ER32 for an optimized routing and milling quality

  • Drilling unit with a high-precision true running accuracy

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

Equipment Options​​

  • Horizontal drilling unit with individually controlled drilling spindles

  • Vertical drilling station with individually controlled drilling spindles

  • Vertical routing unit

  • WoodWelding®-unit for COLDMELT®-dowels

  • Depth measuring sensor (patent granted)

  • Bar code reader

  • Max. stock width: 1,200 mm / 47.24”

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