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A-10-PTP select.line

Folding system drawer line for batch size 1 production

The folding system drawer line A-10-PTP select.line is a combination of two individual machines: the NC controlled sawing, drilling and dowel insertion machine SBD select.line, as well as a V-grooving saw of the type FFQ370.

In the first part of the machine, the workpieces are trimmed, and thanks to the point-to-point function, flexibly drilled and dowelled. At this point, a bottom groove can be made, if needed. A conveyor belt transports the workpieces into the downstream folding saw, in which they are V-grooved. Optionally, in this part of the machine, an adhesive tape can be applied.

The A-10-PTP select.line is ideally fitted for the processing of folding drawers for small volumes and batch size 1. Moreover, the point-to-point processing of the drawer parts offers you the highest flexibility and accuracy for your production processes..


  • Highest flexibility due to PTP function

  • Easy programming directly on the machine or online

  • Great time savings due to minimum adjustment time for new workpieces

  • High processing accuracy thanks to workpiece transport with chain tracks with dogs

  • Highest precision because processing takes place when the workpiece is not moving

  • Fast drill processing due to a variable amount of controlled spindles


  • Trim saw

  • Vertical drilling station

  • Horizontal drilling station

  • Edge drilling unit

  • Quadro-notching unit

  • Grooving saw

  • Gluing and dowel insertion station

  • V-grooving saw


  • Unit for application of adhesive device below the V-grooves

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