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UNIFLEX base/pro/select.line

Throughfeed- drilling machine for small and narrow parts with individual equipment

The through-feed drilling machine UNIFLEX is perfect for drilling and doweling on a point-to-point basis. The drilling and dowel driving high-volume machine is equipped according to your individual needs and requirements.

Depending on the focus of production, it can accommodate a variable number of drilling spindles and heads for vertical, horizontal and long edge drilling. Point-to-point processing guarantees precise, consistent results for changing drill patterns and workpiece widths. Optional double-cycle processing increases productivity even more.


  • High flexibility also for complex drilling and dowel patterns due to PTP function

  • Efficient production for medium and high volumes

  • Up to 5-sided workpiece processing

  • Minimum stop and set-up times

  • Fast drilling operations due to strong drilling systems

  • Clean drill holes and precise positioning of dowels

  • High precision due to solid and robust design

  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components


  • Stock infeed belt

  • Vertical drilling unit (special drilling heads)

  • Edge drilling unit (also possible in the feed chain area)

  • Horizontal drilling as a separate station

  • Dowel driving unit

  • ELC – Electronic Glue Control

  • Grooving unit

  • Routing unit

  • Double-sided sawing unit for small and narrow parts

  • Notching unit

  • Double-cycle processing (simultaneous processing of two workpieces, max. workpiece width 600 mm / 23-1/2”)

  • Max. stock width: 1,200 mm / 47”

  • Automatic infeed and de-stacking

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